Development Handmade. Innovative. Focused.

Handmade. Innovative. Focused.

Understanding requirements and implement­ing them in the correct way is one of the key factors in modern software development. The finally42 team members benefit from their experience in developing products for international leading companies in the mobile communications industry. The flexibility of finally42 developers allows a customized development approach – either agile or document-driven.

Our main goal is to find out what customers want and to implement those needs exactly as required. We are, therefore, able to support and optimize business workflows which is key to maximize productivity.

The clear focus is on enterprise web development using innovative technologies. This does not necessarily mean that we only deal with public internet applications. We are also capable of realizing professional private corporate applications.

We are experts in ColdFusion and Java.


Customized Solutions

  • Application development, tailored to business requirements
  • Software prototypes, user interface mockups
  • Application concepts, patterns and architecture
  • Platform and framework development
  • Full application lifecycle / extension of existing applications

Application Integration

  • Linkage of existing systems
  • Development of application interfaces
  • Import and export in common formats
  • Webservice and API design and implementation
  • Data synchronization

Server-side Development

  • Business logic, rules and algorithms
  • Database design and implementation
  • Caching concepts
  • Data aggregation and reporting

Client-side Development

  • Web frontends
  • User interface design and implementation
  • Mobile clients (smartphones, tablets)
  • Desktop clients

Services Steady. Balanced. Real.

Steady. Balanced. Real.

finally42 provides professional services for application tuning and server optimization as well as general support and troubleshooting. These services can be offered as a subsequent part of a new product development. However, it is also possible to assist with existing applications and server environments.

We are able to monitor servers and applications proactively. This means that we find potential problems before they become real problems.

finally42 provides support for corporate server environments as well as outsourced hosted solutions.


Application Tuning

  • Recommendations for performance increases
  • Identification of application bottlenecks
  • JVM configuration analysis and enhancement
  • Improvement of data access and database structure

Server Optimization

  • Scaling through clustering
  • Introduction of multi-tier server architecture
  • Improvement of database management systems
  • Development of security concepts
  • Implementation of backup strategies


  • 1st level user support
  • Management of releases and software versions
  • Maintenance of web and application servers (ColdFusion, Railo, Tomcat, Apache, IIS, etc.)
  • Installation and configuration of database management systems (SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL, etc.)


  • Identification and verification of problems
  • Application analysis and reporting
  • Recommendations and bug fixing
  • Real-time server and application monitoring

Consulting Solid. Creative. Straight.

Solid. Creative. Straight.

We are experts in software development and consulting in the mobile communications certification industry. Specifically this means that we have in-depth knowledge in requirements and project management software as well as the implementation of domain-specific business rules. We have a fine-grained understanding of how test equipment and result management can be integrated into project management tools. This comprehensive knowhow is of value for a variety of test laboratories: test system and mobile device manufacturers as well as test houses and validation organizations.

The finally42 team has expert knowledge about certification rules and certification regime specific workflows. We are able to use our knowledge as either the basis for development tasks or to support software teams with complex industry specific issues.

finally42 supports quality assurance activities for development teams and corporate users through application testing – either functional, performance or regression. We assist by introducing a variety of test tools to ease quality management processes.

Working with Atlassian’s innovative applications on a daily basis, we strongly believe that these tools can massively increase development productivity. We want to share our knowledge and assist development and support teams in customizations, workflow adaptations and general collaboration to establish a higher standard. Even if JIRA and Confluence are the main players in Atlassian’s tool suite, we are also experienced in complementary development tools such as Bitbucket, Stash, SourceTree, Fisheye and Crucible.



  • Content and database migrations
  • Porting and rewriting of legacy systems
  • Refactoring of applications parts
  • Conversion / transformation of data formats

Development Team Support

  • Development process optimizations
  • Software architecture/code reviews
  • Tool recommendation and guidance
  • Source code version control systems
  • Coaching and workshops

Atlassian JIRA

  • Highly customizable and flexible issue tracking system
  • Corporate use for software project management
  • External interface for 1st level user support
  • Integrates well with other tools

Atlassian Confluence

  • Enterprise level information / content / knowledge / collaboration system
  • Content and document management system
  • Useful to keep important information in a single place (Knowledgebase)
  • Could be used for technical documentations

Customers Value. Trust. Delight.

Value. Trust. Delight.

Company Psyched. Vibrant. Human.

Psyched. Vibrant. Human.

finally42 consists of a team of highly motivated and skilled developers and consultants with over 15 years of experience in professional software development. Prior to founding our own company, we worked together – day-to-day – for over 8 years. Now, through our own business we are ready to provide high-class software development, services and consulting – especially in the mobile communications certification industry.

Our mission: develop solutions to interesting projects, deliver great products and perfectly support customers around the world.
Our philosophy: be passionate, love technology and always stay hungry.

Armed with coding skills, tools and experiences – whatever it is: we develop solutions.


Carsten Husemann

Jan Jannek

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Connect. Meet. Explore.

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